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M-Tech is a leading engineering company based in Austria

M-Tech Maschinen GmbH is a leading engineering company based in Austria that specializes in providing electrical equipment for heavy industries. With a strong focus on innovation and reliability, the company offers a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of its customers.

Our company has a dedicated division that focuses on three main groups of products:

  1. Luminaries and Industrial Phones for Hazardous Areas: We provide high-quality luminaries and industrial phones designed specifically for hazardous areas. Our products adhere to stringent safety standards and are engineered to withstand challenging environments, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced safety for our customers.
  2. High Voltage Switch Gears, Circuit Breakers, and Controllers: M-Tech Maschinen GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high voltage switch gears, circuit breakers, and controllers. These products are meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver efficient power distribution, effective control, and reliable operation for heavy industries.
  3. Ultra-Fast DC Chargers for Electric Trucks and Buses: As a forward-thinking company committed to sustainability, we have developed ultra-fast DC chargers tailored for electric trucks and buses. Our charging solutions provide rapid charging capabilities, enabling efficient operation and reducing downtime for electric vehicle fleets.

We kindly invite you to explore our exceptional offer and check out our comprehensive solutions.

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