System e2YANKEE is a SCADA class application for control, visualization and switching operations of the power station.



System e2YANKEE is a SCADA class application for control, visualization and switching operations of the power station.

The system is constructed according to the customer needs in order to secure the best ratio of functionality to implementation cost. In typical application the system consists of hub cubicle (containing hub, communication devices and a local/service station) and external operator stations . This kind of system design allows simple scaling and extension, and redundancy option makes it possible to use the system in objects where high reliability of operations is required. The application of the system allows full support of station, both in terms of data collection and control. The system can be used in unmanned stations as well as in stations with permanent service crew.

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  • communicative information visualization presenting the state of the switchgear with possibility to control switches
  • information out alarms that require operator intervention
  • continuous reading and storing of measurement data from controllers with possibility of generatingreports (eg. report on daily energy consumption within the last month)
  • control system designating user rights for performing switching operations and access to application components
  • reading system presenting events from field controllers with possibility of confirming, storing or creating printouts and reports
  • reading, storing and visualization of fault recorders and trends (slow) recorders in field controllers
  • multilingualism with possibility of switching on ” on the fly”-language”
  • remote notification through SMS and e-mail
  • possibility of access to the application via the most popular web browsers
  • system has the capability to work with protective equipment by other manufacturers and to be adjust to customers’ demands
  • supporting of the most communication protocols and possibility to implement new ones

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