EMHB 2 EX ZONE 2, 21, 22

Zones 2, 21, 22
II 2G Ex eb ib mb op is IIC T5 Gb
II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T95°C Db

for HT version
II 2G Ex eb ib mb op is IIC T4 Gb
II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T121°C Db



EMHB 2 Ex luminaire is designed to illuminate:

  • industrial halls and spaces classified as zones 2, 21 and 22 of the explosion hazard of dust, gases,vapors and mists of flammable liquids,
  • auxiliary rooms with high dustiness with the possibility of water splashes, i.e. boiler houses, hydro nodes, baths, garages, shelters, open and closed warehouses,
  • workstation process lines, among others: chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, gas, wood, mining, construction and food loose materials,
  • rooms with increased temperature.

Technical characteristics

 Technical parameters
 Parameter name  Value (unit)
Supply voltage 90-305 VAC   140-250 VDC   50-60/0Hz
Power 40-270W ±10%
Power factor PF ≥ 0.95 *  *
ATEX marking   II 3G Ex ec op is IIC T5..T4 Gc

II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T85°C …115°C Db

IECEx marking Ex ec op is IIC T5..T4 Gc

Ex tb op is IIIC T85°C …115°C Db

EU-type examination certificate number OBAC 21 ATEX 0134X
IECEx certyficate number IECEx OBAC 21.0002X
Standards EN 60079-0:2018, PN-EN 60079-7:2016,

EN 60079-28:2015, PN-EN 60079-31:2014

Source of light ultra-bright LED lights
Color temperature 4000K ±10%

as an option 3000K, 5000K, 6500K ±10%

Protection class I
Degree of protection IP 66/67 *** IK 10
Ambient temperature range in accordance with the table below
Weight 6,5 kg – for version 40-160W

9,5 kg – for version 180-270W

External dimensions Ø390×145 mm – for version 40-160W

Ø460×150 mm – for version 180-270W

CRT 80 (other on request) ±10%

**   At 230VAC and 160W
***   When using a cable gland with a lower IP, the degree of protection of the entire luminaire is reduced

Design and operation

  • body – aluminum alloy,
  • pressure ring – aluminum alloy,
  • tempered glass,
  • LED light module,
  • power supply with an integrated 3×1.0mm2 power cord (length 300mm),
    luminous flux adjustment via 1-10V, DALI according to versions,
    mounting eyelet,

Optionally, the luminaire can be:

  • equipped with a connection chamber (ICB variant) with two openings for inserting power cables. The holes are equipped with M20, M25 cable gland or can be blind,
  • equipped with an industrial power supply (IPS variant),
  • adapted to work at elevated temperatures (HT variant),
  • led driver is separated from the light unit (SD variant).


  • robust and compact design,
  • quick, simple and easy installation,
  • high resistance to a corrosive industrial environment, very high luminous efficacy,
  • high-quality power supply unit and LEDs,
  • UV-resistant.

Mounting method


Luminaire designation:   
EMHB 2 Ex * / ** / *** / ****   


* luminaire power,
** lighting unit,
*** power supply assembly,
**** additional information (e.g. a different type of painting, additional accessories)

 Standard version
 HT version –
power supply with an additional heat sink
 ../SD or HT .. / SD version – power
supply unit and
lighting unit
separated, connected with wire max 160 W
 Version ../ICB or HT ../ICB – variant with power supply and connection

chamber max. 160 W.

 IPS version –
external power
supply equipped withan integrated power cord


Examples of the designation:

  • EMHB 2 Ex 160/840 / P – EMHB 2 Ex, 160 W power, 4000K CRI80 LED matrix and with diagnostic connector.
  • EMHB 2 Ex 100/930 G1 / P10V ICB 2NiCG20 / AR WM – EMHB 2 Ex 100W fitting, 4000K CRI 80 LED matrix, milk glass. Equipped with a diagnostic connector with analog 1-10V dimming, with an integrated connection chamber with two cable glands made of nickel-plated brass, size M20.
    Additional accessories asymmetrical reflector and wall mount.


 WM  – wall mount
 ST –  pipe mount
 R – symmetrical reflector
 AR –  asymmetrical reflector;
 WG – steel mesh
 JB –  junction box


Light distribution curve 

EMHB 2 Ex  EMHB 2 Ex with symmetrical reflector

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