EML EX LED (ZONE 1, 21 )

Zones 1, 21

II 2G Ex eb ib IIC T6/T5 Gb

II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db



EML Ex LED luminaire is intended basically for general lighting industrial, production and storage spaces classified to zone 1, 21 where occurrence of high dust concentrations, humidity, water splashes in working environment is possible, i.a .: processing lines for chemical industry, oil & gas industry, power industry, woodworking industry, papermaking industry and building and foodstuff processing industry.


Technical characteristics

 Technical parameters
Power supply 198-264 VAC, 176-276 VDC or

90-270 VAC, 127-300VDC

Ingress protection IP 66/67
Protection class I
Source of light ultra-bright LEDs
Cable gland M20 or M25 (other on request)
Connection terminals (max) 4 mm2, permissible load on the terminal 32A
Wight 1.8 ÷ 4.8 kg (according to versions)
660 x 145 x 101  1277 x 145 x 101  1573 x 145 x 101
Color temperature 4000K ± 10% (others as option ± 10%)
EN IEC 60079-0:2018, EN 60079-7:2016,

EN 60079-11:2012, EN 60079-18:2015, EN 60079-31:2014

ATEX marking for zones 1 and 21 II 2G Ex eb ib mb IIC T6/T5 Gb II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db


 Ambient temperature
-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C
 Standard T6 / T85 °C T5 / T85 °C
  ../AL T6 / T85 °C


 Luminous flux [lm]
Lens EML Ex LED 600 EML Ex LED 1200 EML Ex LED 1500
BW 2948 6419 7975
P 2886 6272 7846
standard 2833 6077 7804


Design and operation

  • anti-glare diffuser grooved from the inside lenticular made of PC flammability class in accordance with the safety standard UL94: V-2, incandescent test with wire in accordance with (PN-EN 60695-11-2):
    850 ° C,
  • body of reinforced structure made of polyester reinforced with glass fiber GRP class flammability in
    accordance with the safety standard UL94: HB, glow wire test in accordance with (PN-EN 60695-11-2): 650 ° C,
  • diffuser fixing elements (hinged lampshade suspension), fitting fixing accessories made of stainless
    steel or plastic,
  • as an option DALI, PZH, CNBOP (according to versions)


A universal luminaire adapted to through and end wire supply through cable gland located on the transverse
side walls. The luminaire has mounting accessories enabling it to be mounted on the ceiling surface or from the side wall, it can also be hung on chains.

The EML Ex LED luminaire is equipped with 2 Ex cable glands with a seal diameter of 7-13 mm and an Ex plug. As an option, cable entries with a seal diameter of 8-17 mm are available (ordered separately).


 Ordering code  Zone  Max powe


distribution curves
 Optional code  Additional accessories  Weight [kg]
EML Ex LED 600 ../23 ../ADR ../110 ../OUT1 ../DR ../..K ../RA.. ../3P ../CR ../K
../RAL…./SG OR  ../M25

../AL ../CNBOP


Optional distribution curves (please see LDT file): 

– ../BW – lens with beam curve  BW;
– ../P – lens with beam curve P;
– ../.. – other;

Optional code:

-../ADR – version with address module,
-../110 – 110V power supply,
-../OUT1 – version with EPDM gasket,
-../DR – version with breather drain,
– ../..K – light colour..K (30K – 3000K; 65K – 6500K),
– ../RA.. – color rendering index,
-../3P – version with 3-phase through wire,
– ../CR – connector mounted on the cable,
-../K – end fitting without through-wire,
-../RAL..- housing color according to RAL palette,
– ../SG – special cable gland with a choke diameter of 8-17mm,  – ../M25 – cable gland M25x1.5,
– ../AL – version with an aluminium gear tray,
-../CNBOP – luminaire with CNBOP approval.

Additional accessories:

– ../ST – tube mounting;
– ..DF – distance fixing for the pipe;
– ../WM – wall mounting;
– ../EH – eye mounting;
-../D – protective hood;
– ../JB.. – junction box;
-../SN1, SN2 – version equipped with a pictogram for indoor or outdoor use

Luminaires designed for cooperation with a central battery, additionally equipped with one of the following
address monitoring and switching modules:

ADR2 – TM-AM 01,
ADR3 – V-CG SE 4-400W,
ADR4 – V-CG-S 4-400W,
ADR5 – ADS 20,

Luminaires are available as standard with the powers given in the table “types of execution”. Optionally,
versions with reduced power are available on request. Example of an order: EML Ex LED 1200/121/45 / P / 50K – a luminaire with a length of 1200mm, approved for operation in zones 1 and 21, with a power of 45 W with a
“P” type lens, with LEDs with a color temperature of 5000K.


  • solid, compact structure,
  • simple, easy and quick assembly,
  • high resistance to industrial corrosive
  • high luminous effciency,
  • resistant to UV radiation,
  • long life of light sources,
  • possibility of building (as a through-hole).


 72 pipe mount, diameter 48-54 mm, other on request;
 72-2258  – steel mesh;
 72-2958  – adjustable wall mounting;
 72-2966  – pipe mount, diameter 48-50 mm;


  Optional distribution  curves
 standard version  ../BW  ../P

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