LLS EX ZONE 1, 2, 21, 22

Zones 1, 21

  II 2G Ex eb mb ib op is IIC T5 Gb

  II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T77°C Db
Zone 2, 21

  II 3G Ex ec mc op is IIC T5 Gc
  II 2D Ex tb op is IIIC T77°C Db

Zone 2, 22

  II 3G Ex ec mc op is IIC T5 Gc

  II 3D Ex tc op is IIIC T77°C Dc



The LLS Ex- Luminaire is intended mainly for general lighting of low halls, shelters, industrial, production and warehouse spaces classified as zones 1, 2,21 ,22 with the possibility of high dust, moisture and water splashes in the working environment, including: workplace technological lines chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, gas, energy, mining, wood, paper industries, processing of loose mine, construction and food materials.


Technical characteristics

Parameter Value (unit)
Supply voltage 198-264 VAC/DC, 50-60/0Hz
Power 12-56 W
Source of light LED
Color temperature 4000K ± 10%
as option 3000K, 5000K, 6500K ± 10% (other on request)
Luminous flux 130 lm/W ± 10%
Protection class I
Degree of protection IP 66/67   IK08
Ambient temperature -35°C do +55°C

Design and operation

  • diffuser made of high-quality (PC), fammability class in accordance with UL94 safety standard: V-2, optional resistant glass tube,
  • powder coated, depending on the version, made of steel or aluminum,
  • cable gland with M20x1.5, M25x1.5,
  • terminals max 5x4mm2 or 6×2.5mm2,
  • through wiring 2.5mm2,
  • LED modules mounted on a specially designed aluminum profile,
  • address module (option),
  • mounting bracket,


The luminaire is structurally adapted to feed-through or end-supply through cable glands M20 (M25) x 1.5 located on the top cover. For versions ../121 (sterefa 1, 21), the fixture is equipped with one slot and a stopping plug as standard (long slot available as an option, on request). Luminaire accessories provides fastening to the surface of the ceiling, wall or on a rope.


  • solid, compact structure,
  • simple, easy and quick installation,
  • high resistance to industrial corrosive environment, very high luminous efficiency,
  • high-quality power supply and LED diodes,
  • very high tightness IP66 / 67,
  • resistant to UV radiation.


 Order code  Zone  Optional code  Max Power [W]  Luminaire dimensions
LLS Ex 300 ../121 ../221 ../222 ../1 0V ../110 ../ADR..

../3P ../P1 ../K



../ST ../DF ../WM ../EH




../12 Ø104×460
LLS Ex 600 ../23 Ø104×760
LLS Ex 1200 ../45 Ø104×1300
LLS EX 1500 ../56 Ø104×1600

../ADR.. – version with address module;
../3P – version with 3-phase through wiring;
../P1 – version with a one-way through;
../K – end luminaire;
../M25 – cable gland M25;
../SS – version with stainless steel cover;
../ALU – version with aluminium cover;
../GL – version with a tempered glass cover;
../ST – pipe mount max 44mm;
../DF – distance fixing for the pipe;
../WM – wall mount;
../EH – eyebot fastening;
../D – safty hood;
../..K – LED with light with a color temperature of ..K (e.g. 30K-3000K; 65K -6500K);
../Ra.. – color rendering index Ra ..;
../CR – connector mounted on the cable;
../AP – additional protection against corrosion;
../RAL..- cover painting according to RAL number;
../121 – luminaire version approved for operation in zones 1 and 21;
../221 – luminaire version approved for operation in zones 2 and 21;
../222 – luminaire version approved for operation in zones 2 and 22;
../10V – luminaire version with luminous fux adjustment from 10% to 100%;
../110 – 110V power supply;
../EN – version with markings in English;
../DE – version with markings in German;
../SP – version with markings in Spanish;
../RU – version with markings in Russian;
../CZ – version with markings in Czech;
../DALI – version with DALI

Luminaires designed for cooperation with a central battery, additionally equipped with one of the following address monitoring and switching modules:

ADR1 – ADR20-ILS or
ADR2 – TM-AM 01 or
ADR3 – V-CG SE 4-400W or
ADR4 – V-CG-S 4-400W or
ADR5 – ADS 20 or

Standard luminaires are available with the powers given in the table: 12 W, 23 W, 45W and 56W. Optionally, versions with reduced power are available on request.

Example of an order: LLS Ex 1200/221 / 65K / 45 – luminaire with a power of 45W, approved for operation in zones 2 and 21 with LED diodes with a color temperature of 6500K.

Light distribution curv


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