The EM-EVDC electric vehicle charger has been designed for use in generally available commercial
charging stations. The device is equipped with an intuitive user interface, one or two DC charging points and one AC charging point.

The device is characterized by a modular structure, which allows you to configure its equipment in
accordance with the user’s requirements, moreover, such a solution significantly reduces the time and costs of inspections, maintenance and service.



The EM-EVDC charger is designed to charge electric car batteries with direct current through CCS and
CHAdeMO connectors.     The charger can be operated both indoors, e.g. garages, shelters or underground car parks, and outdoors.

The EM-EVDC series of chargers is intended for companies and organizations that want to provide the service of publicly available vehicle charging. These devices are adapted to work “online” with the system of the charging service provider.

Compliance with standards: IEC 61851-1; IEC 61851-21,22: 2001; IEC 61851-23,24: 2014; ISO15118-1-2013; ISO15118-2-2014; ISO 15118-3: 2015; IEC 62196-1-2014; IEC 62196-3-2014; DIN 70121-2014.

Features / Technical specification

 Supply voltage 3x260V÷530V, 50/60Hz
 Efficiency ≥95%
 Power factor ≥0,99
 Output voltage 150-750V DC or 150-1000V DC
 Output current up to 200A DC
 Environmental protection P55
 Mechanical protection IK10
 Working environment humidity  5% ~ 95% without condensation
 Working temperature -30°C ÷ +70°C
 Protocol OCPP 1.6 JSON or SOAP
 User authorization type  – RFID card charging service provider – authorization via the application
 Enclosure material  Stainless or coated steel
 Dimensions 750/1885/923 mm
 Length of the charging cable Up to 5m


  •  DC charging with a power of up to 150kW
  •  two stations  CCS 2 or CCS 2 + CHAdeMO
  •  charging with alternating current with a power of up to 22 kW (cable with a plug type 2)
  •  load balancing within the charging station
  •  convenient handles for storing the cable after charging the vehicle
  •  measurement of the supplied electricity for each charging station   RFID card reader
  •  touchscreen

Design and operation

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