The TAP type industrial analog telephone is a wired, stationary terminal device, intended for use in industrial facilities (indoors and outdoors) in order to make voice telephone calls via an internal analog subscriber line.



The device has been designed to work in places with severe environmental conditions, such as very high humidity, noise, dust, mechanical exposure. Thanks to this, it can be used in industrial halls, on construction sites, in warehouses, guardhouses, in the underground of non-methane mines (mining plants).
The high volume of the call signal and high-intensity light signaling ensure the effectiveness of the call.
The red LED when the handset is hung up makes it easier to locate the phone in the dark.
The housing is dustproof and splashproof with an IP65 degree of protection.

The device meets the requirements of the PN-T-83001:1999 standard.
The device meets the EMC requirements for immunity levels in industrial environments, emissions in industrial and domestic environments.

Features / technical specification

The telephone has the following functionality:

  • High-intensity red LED light on top of camera for:
    • signaling an incoming call
    • locating the phone in the dark in the idle state of the camera by a slight glow
  • loud signal 90dB (from 1m) with adjustable sound intensity
  • Selection keypad (reinforced foil) with buttons:
    • R – Redial – redial last number
    • F – Flash – calibration of the “break” enabling access to the functions of the telephone exchange (e.g. subscriber redirection)
    • M – Memory – a button for recalling numbers stored in the memory of the selected selection (e.g. M1, M5, M*, MR, MA, etc.)
    • 1-9,*,0,#,A – enter selective with specifying the assignment of numbers triggered by the selection (* each/demu with built-in assignment of the call number by using the “M” key)
  • the ability to automatically establish a connection after dropping the handset to the saved number
  • DTMF tone dialling
  • any line polarity
  • compatibility with a standard exchange with analog telephone lines
  • output to an external siren through a built-in relay with NO contacts
  • metal housing characterized by high mechanical strength
  • optional “visor” for additional protection against harsh environmental conditions

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