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The UG-SAFE fire announcement system by M-Tech Maschinen GmbH, an Austrian engineering company, is a specialized fire protection solution for mining belt conveyors. It enhances fire safety and protects lives and property in mining operations.

The UG-SAFE fire announcement system by M-Tech Maschinen GmbH, an Austrian engineering company, is a specialised fire protection solution for mining belt conveyors. This system enhances fire safety and protects lives and properties in mining operations.

Key features of the UG-SAFE system:

  1. Fire Detection: It utilises advanced sensors and algorithms to accurately identify fire or smoke along the mining belt conveyors.
  2. Alarm Notification: It triggers audible and visual alarms promptly upon detecting a fire, alerting personnel nearby for immediate action and evacuation.
  3. Communication System: It is equipped with a robust infrastructure to transmit fire alarms and notifications to control centres, command stations or designated personnel, enabling swift emergency response coordination.
  4. Integration: It seamlessly integrates with other fire protection and monitoring systems in mining operations, allowing centralised control, monitoring and coordination.
  5. Monitoring and Control: It provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities, enabling operators to promptly respond to detected incidents. Remote access and control features may be available.
  6. Compliance: It is engineered to meet specific fire safety standards for mining operations, ensuring the highest level of safety and protection.

By integrating advanced fire detection technology and effective communication capabilities, the UG-SAFE system aims to enhance the safety of mining belt conveyors and prevent fire incidents from escalating. Its implementation as a supplementary system to ELSAP-SAFE further strengthens the overall fire protection measures in place.


The ELSAP-SAFE system, developed by M-Tech Maschinen GmbH, specializes also in providing tailored-made services for designing fire protection systems for mining belt conveyors. This system incorporates advanced fire detection technologies to detect and suppress fires that may occur on belt conveyors.

In the ELSAP-SAFE system, the detection and prevention of fire are achieved through the monitoring of critical operational parameters of the conveyor..

Once a fire is detected, the ELSAP-SAFE system employs various suppression mechanisms to mitigate the fire’s spread and minimize its impact. The specific suppression methods may vary depending on the requirements of the conveyor system and the nature of the materials being transported. Common fire suppression techniques include the use of fire retardant chemicals, automatic water sprinklers or localised extinguishing agents. This system provides a comprehensive fire protection solution for belt conveyors in mining operations. Its advanced fire detection technologies and tailored design approach make it a reliable choice for enhancing the safety and security of mining belt conveyor systems.

System Description

The SAFE type system for automatic fire extinguishing on conveyor belts, designed by M-Tech Maschinen GmbH, is a safety system that provides instantaneous fire suppression, alarms, and operator warnings. It is suitable for use in underground mines with explosion hazards, including “a” or “b” methane explosion hazard and categories A and B of coal dust explosion hazard. Here’s a detailed overview of the system:

1. System Design:
The SAFE type system comprises the following key components:
– Intrinsically Safe Controller: This controller is responsible for managing the system and ensuring its safe operation.
– Shut-off Valve with Pressure Sensor: It includes a valve that can shut off the flow of fire suppressant and a pressure sensor to monitor pressure levels.
– Starting Unit with Temperature Sensors and Passage Valve: This unit contains temperature sensors that detect increases in temperature, triggering the system. A passage valve controls the flow of fire suppressant.
– Fire Extinguishing Unit: This unit consists of water sprinklers that are activated when a fire is detected.
– Loudspeaking Signalling Devices: These devices are used to alert operators and personnel in the vicinity of the conveyor.

2. Principle of Operation:
– The system relies on temperature sensors that trigger when the temperature exceeds a set threshold, typically 75°C.
– When the sensors detect high temperatures, a low-melting alloy connection between a nut and a plate melts, automatically activating the water sprinklers.
– A pressure sensor monitors the water pressure in the tubes. If the pressure drops, it sends a signal to the ELSAP SAFE intrinsically safe system controller.
– The controller responds by immediately stopping the conveyor drives and transmitting an alarm signal to the UG SAFE signaling devices along the conveyor route. It also informs the dispatcher of the emergency situation.

This SAFE type system offers an integrated approach to fire safety on conveyor belts, ensuring rapid response and protection in hazardous environments.

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